Product Information Management for the Automotive Aftermarket

Due to a constantly accelerating digitalization and an increasing number of communication channels and interfaces, a large number of systems with differing requirements are being developed.

Especially the automotive market is in constant change. The number of different vehicles, as well as the complexity of the parts and their relationships with engines & vehicles is permanently growing. Last but not least the competition between OEM & IAM is considerably increasing.

In order to strengthen your position in the market, a product data strategy tailored to the automotive aftermarket is indispensable. Our automotivePIM takes your product lifecycle processes into account and gives you control over your product data and feeds it into your desired communication channels.

automotivePIM Overview


01 Data Input

Import of product data & product references (own and competitors):
– Product life cycle

– Markets and media
– Vehicle application
– Competitor references
– Product information (pictures, documents, patents, procurement, OEM information, prices, technical data, dimensions)

Administration of vehicles and engines:
– Vehicle data
– Market overview (# of vehicles sold)
– Groupings

Information sources:
– Product Management
– External systems: TecDoc, AUTOCARE
– Internal systems: SAP and other ERP Software

02 PIM Functionality

Full featured product information & media management:
Access Control & Rights Management

Workflow Management
Data Maintenance & Refinement
Pricing & Data Quality Monitoring
Analysis & Reporting

03 Project Management

Administration of Projects
Product Lifecycle Manamgent
Connection to Products
Workflow Management
Tracking and Analysis

04 Data Output

(Product Information, Applications, etc.)

Reports and Analysis
(i.e. Gap analysis of market coverage, competitor shortlists)

Product Catalogs
(print, online and mobile)

Provide data in the IAM standard data formats

Connection to customer systems, online market places / online shops

User Groups:
Product Managers

Sales / Marketing
Pricing / Sourcing / Controlling
Clients / Partners

Your strategic benefits with automotivePIM

The challenge for suppliers and wholesale in the automotive aftermarket: Rising number of communication channels, growing number of different vehicles, complexity of parts and their relationships with engines & vehicles, and increased competition between OEM & IAM.

Product Range Extension: Offer more products to the same customers with higher margins.

Reduced time-to-market: Strengthen collaboration between R&D, manufacturing and sales

Consistent customer experience throughout all channels

Detailed reporting & market transparency for full control of your data

icon classifications

Data Governance: simple & efficient handling of all common IAM standards (TecDoc, AUTOCARE, ACES, PIES)

icon advantages

IAM: improved expertise in logistics, market coverage, cost reduction, multi-brand products

automotivePIM in customer use

Facts & Figures

automotivePIM in numbers
automotivePIM in numbers
automotivePIM in numbers
automotivePIM in numbers
automotivePIM in numbers
automotivePIM in numbers

Why automotivePIM?

automotivePIM is a critical success factor for any automotive aftermarket business

Flexible & automated import, export and mapping of data (spare parts to engines to vehicle). Fast, simple, efficient.

Management of complex distribution landscapes, national and international.

Full control over the complex relationships between spare parts, engines and vehicles.

Easy management of worldwide vehicle data formats: TecDoc, PIES, ACES, Fraga and more.

Data governance on a global level to eliminate discrepancies in brand and product communication.

Consistent publication of product data and corresponding media across all relevant marketing and sales channels.

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