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e-proCAT – industry leading software for electronic catalogs in BMEcat format

Do you want to efficiently and easily create, validate and manage comprehensive electronic catalogs in BMEcat and GS1-XML formats? With our electronic catalog solution e-proCAT, these tasks become a breeze. e-proCAT  enables you to create and edit electronic catalogs for digital marketplaces, and effectively supports you in the realization of digital procurement processes (e-procurement). 

Whatever you plan to do with your electronic catalogs – e-proCAT universally supports you in all challenges: 

  • Classify product data according toecl@ss, ETIM, UNSPSC, GPC etc.
  • Create electronic catalogs inBMEcatand GS1 XML format 
  • Check electronic catalogs inBMEcat, GS1 XML, IDEA XML
  • Validate classifications (including features): ecl@ss, ETIM, UNSPSC, GPC etc. 
  • Comfortable management of electronic catalogs and product data
  • Reliable comparison of electronic catalogs (e.g. 2017 vs. 2018versions)
  • Ingest and output electronic catalogs for digital marketplaces 
  • Advanced eprocurement support to realize digital procurement processes

Would you like to test your catalogs yourself? Check the quality of your electronic catalogs free of charge for different BMEcat variants in our Online Catalog Check.

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Generate electronic catalogs with e-proCAT – easily and quickly

e-proCAT lets you create electronic catalogs according to BMEcat and GS1 XML standards, which allows you to fulfill requirements of your business partners or target systems. Take advantage of almost unlimited possibilities and easy and efficients processes for fully automated catalog creation: 

  • Create partial catalogs or mix different catalogs 
  • Read and write electronic catalogs, for example for digital marketplaces 
  • Comfortable features to maintain data and enable easy massprocessing of product data in electronic catalogs 
  • Check electronic catalogs for errors and fix them reliably 
  • MIME-Type Management: Validate that each catalog item is linked to the correct product image 
  • Flexible import and export formats for data ingest/publishing (CSV, Excel, txt, dat, BMEcat etc.) 
  • Easily convert entire electronic catalogs e.g. from BMEcat 1.2 to BMEcat 2005 and vice versa – with the click of a button 

Classify products with e-proCAT – completely automatically 

Product data is the core element in e-commerce. Product classification in e-proCAT makes it possible to classify products into a consistent product groups or categories. The classification is used, for example, to compare products with each other or to clearly describe a product by features making it easier to search for – or drill down – by product characteristics. 

e-proCAT is the complete solution for easy validation, editing and classification of your product data according to ETIM, eCl@ss, proficl@ss, UNSPSC and GS1 / GPCUse e-proCAT to automatically record features via predefined rules and automatically classify or reclassify product dataWe support classification standards prescribed by industries such as healthcare, medical technology, wholesale electrical trade, sanitary/heating/climate (HVAC), office materials/office supply, production connection trading, tooling industry, automotive and others. Adding new classifications and dialects is a quick task if your industry is missing or in development.

How you benefit from e-proCAT 

As a complete solution for efficient creation, editing, validation and classification of electronic catalogs, e-proCAT supports you in all aspects of e-catalogs and e-procurements. Take advantage of it and take your e-business activities to a new level: 

Faster: Also edit and review millions of product data in minutes

More visible: Make your products more accessible through error-free, goal-system electronic catalogs 

More efficient: Increase your productivity and efficiency in e-business through automated processes 

More cost-efficient: Significantly reduce your product data and catalog management costs 

Safer: Enable consistent product data through detailed error analysis 

More successful: Use more sales channels for your e-business activities (omnichannel) and increase your revenue opportunities 

Overview of all e-proCAT solution variants:

e-proCAT is available in a variety of solution variants. Your specific requirements decide. All e-proCAT versions are able to convert BMEcat files into CSV files. 

The decision is difficult for you? Our experts are happy to assist you in the selection of the optimal e-proCAT variant. 


The name says it all!

Our VIEWER is the license to view and validate BMEcat catalogs as well as to customize CSV output. 


Classify made easy! 

The license for users of eCl@ss or UNSPSC. The outhead is as CSV. 

e-proCAT GO

Just get going!

Our version GO is the convenient license to easily create, edit and validate BMEcat catalogs.


The classic!

BMEcat Advanced Management. Mix catalogs, create partial catalogs, manage prices. And much more! 


Our “dealer license” 

Manage BMEcat catalogs in unlimited numbers, create catalogs with hundreds of thousands of articles. Classify according to eCl@ss or UNSPSC in all releases. 


Our top seller. 

The license that can do anything! All formats, all classes. Including feature capture. A must for manufacturers in the electrical engineering industry or from the SHK industry! 

e-proCAT Service & Workshops – always there for you 

In order to get you started with e-proCAT as quickly as possible, we prepare you for our software in an extensive workshop and train you in detail about the application in everyday life. In addition, our service hotline supports you in all technical and operational matters. 

Would you like to stay up-to-date on e-proCAT as well as on current topics related to product data classification and electronic catalogs? Our regular training and monthly webinars will take you further. And if you have a topic to take up in a webcast: Just let us know! 

Contact Us. We would love to hear from you!

Do you have any questions about our software solutions? Are you looking for a competent partner for your PIM / DAM project? Our experts are happy to help!

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