How-To Video Platform

Easy and affordable video creation in four simple steps


Create your own impressive videos that show what you have to say!

  • Easy and affordable video creation – without (often costly) external support. No expensive equipment, a smartphone / tablet is enough.

  • Guided video recordings – everyone can create, the app takes care of adherence to standards

  • Simple browser interface – available everywhere. Subsequent editing and post-processing in the web browser.

  • No costly IT project – easy app download / hosted back-end as a service

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Learn how easy video creation can be with How-To Video. Use How-To Video for your tutorials,
training, promotions and more!

Tutorials and video instructions
Many repair or assembly instructions consist of just text and images. Using How-To Video, complicated steps or processes can be represented much more easily and are easier to remember with video. Enhance your manuals with short, self-generated video sequences – that help your customers and distinguish you and your organization! find out more

Training and further education
Do you have important guidelines in your manufacturing process that are particularly important for new employees? Do you need explanations – which can be quickly illustrated with video? Use How-To Video to create intuitive step-by-step tutorials to help train your employees more effectively than ever before! find out more

Promotions and presentations
Do you have products whose benefits are not immediately apparent? How would you describe these sales arguments in a short video? Your video clips add value and generate sales on one of the many video platforms or even better in your own WebShop! find out more

Easy and affordable video production in four simple steps:


How-To Video gives you the freedom to create your own videos!