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mediacockpit 11.1

mc 11.1 Release

In addition to many new features and improvements, the new major release mediacockpit 11.1 brings a completely new module: mediatext replaces the previous module mediatranslate and offers numerous new functions such as extensive searches and usage lists.

What‘s new?

mediatext – the new module for your product content

mediatext not only completely replaces the previous mediatranslate module, but also offers numerous additional functions such as extensive searches, where-used lists, and connection to translation management systems (TMS). The presentation of texts and their translations is also simplified, which further improves usability.


Eliminate the need for lengthy searches
mediatext offers advanced search functions, including language, status, filter criteria, and text type. As a result, you can find the product text you are looking for and its translations right away, and can edit it directly or export it for further translations.


More transparency
With the usage reports, mediatext shows you exactly where your product texts are used. As a result, you always have an overview of how your products are presented in the various channels and can quickly readjust your product communication if necessary.

All languages under control
Thanks to the direct connection to translation management systems (TMS), you can quickly translate your product texts into additional languages via a translation export and import. With the mediatext toolbar, you also have direct access to a suggestion list as well as translation information. It is now possible to assign new texts, overwrite existing ones or reset them to the original value. In addition, you have complete transparency over existing translations and uses of the text set.


Further Features

The new release also brings numerous additional features that significantly simplify work with product data and digital assets and give you even more options for addressing your target audience. There have been some technical changes as well: mediacockpit 11.1 supports Wildfly 23, uses updated libraries and abandons the use of Hibernate Search in preparation for the use of ElasticSearch starting with mediacockpit 12. In addition, installations that can access the Internet can now also be managed from a central license server.

More Features
Assets in focus

Your assets in focus
mediacockpit 11.1 now allows searching and filtering of assets on your microsite as well as XML export of your asset data. It is now possible to view the usage of your assets in assortments on their detail page. All this provides you with an even better overview of your digital content as a result.

More possibilities for contextualization
The new release allows the maintenance of different values for object attributes, depending on the region. This gives you the opportunity to tailor your product communication even more individually to your target groups, to make more attractive offers and ultimately increase your sales.


Further improvements

With the new release, you can also define numerical list attributes and search for them using the section search. Furthermore, mediacockpit 11.1 offers improved ways to access information: You can now jump directly to a page in any e-paper and view the information within in even more detail. In addition, you can now display your reporting charts directly on your dashboard and show more than just a product status in reports.


What you can look forward to with mediacockpit 11.1:

mc 11.1 feature

More search options
Save yourself time every day searching for product texts and their translations with the enhanced search functions of the new mediatext module. You can also look forward to a very well-structured display of all texts and their usage records.

mc 11.1 feature

Insights at a glance
Display valuable insights into your data in the form of charts from reporting on your dashboard, as a result of which you can always keep an eye on your central business processes.

mc 11.1 feature

Optimal translation workflow
The direct connection to translation management systems (TMS) via simple translation export and import, as well as the easy handling of text sets, make the management of product texts for your various target markets particularly efficient.

mc 11.1 feature

All assets under control
Check which assortments are using your digital content, search for specific assets on the microsite, and route them out quickly and easily via XML export!

mc 11.1 feature

Faster time to market
With the innovations provided by the new mediatext module, you can optimize your processes for creating, translating and modifying your product texts, making it much easier to launch new products in all relevant regions.

mc 11.1 feature

Further enhancements
mediacockpit 11.1 brings additional improvements and updates, also supports Wildfly 23 and eliminates Hibernate Search completely.

mc 11.1 feature

More freedom to design
Now you can also use numerical values for your enumeration attributes and benefit from the possibility of taking regional differences into account in your object attributes.

mc 11.1 Release

Highlighted Event

Webcast: mediacockpit 11.1 – preview and outlook

Discover all new modules and features for the major release mediacockpit 11.1 in our webcast from 09/16/2021.

Please note that the Webcast was held in German.

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