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The analysts at TGOA state in their PIM report that the global PIM market will grow to a total of 63.8 billion US dollars by 2030, which corresponds to an average annual growth rate of 21.09 percent. In this context, the analysts identify five key factors that are responsible for the growing importance of PIM for companies around the world. These growth factors include developments in e-commerce, increasingly important sustainability and transparency issues, pressure to become ever more operationally efficient, the use of business intelligence and analytics for decision making, and the increasing availability of SaaS technologies that lower the barrier of implementation.

As a PIM provider and digitization partner for our customers, we at Bertsch Innovation not only fully agree with all of these points, but also provide answers to all of these pressing factors with our product content management solution mediacockpit.



Successful digital selling is more important than ever before, and global competition is putting even more pressure on companies to promote their offerings in a timely, effective, and flexible manner across all channels. Marketing managers are always on the lookout for ways to create compelling experiences and stay one step ahead of the competition.

One thing is clear: pure product information is not capable of creating such an experience. At the same time, even the most beautiful product images or videos will not bring about a conversion if the context is missing. Therefore, it always comes down to the perfect combination of product data, advertising copy and media content – and this combination is different for every target group and every channel.

Serving these requirements is a very complex, challenging task, and hardly manageable without the right technology. As a product content management solution, mediacockpit combines state-of-the-art product information management and digital asset management and enables unique one-stop product content experiences by connecting all data points.



In addition to the product experience, customer expectations regarding corporate transparency are also increasing. At the same time, sustainability data is required by regulatory bodies and business partners, so that companies today have no choice but to address these issues and provide a transparent information supply chain.

mediacockpit is the optimal support for this task, because sustainability information such as the CO2 footprint or water consumption can of course be mapped very flexibly and without great effort in the generic data model. The advantage of such a data model lies in the fact that it can be extended as required, and can thus cope with any new requirement.



Increasing costs, growing price sensitivity in many sectors of the economy, and rising competitive pressure require companies to function ever more efficiently. Today, the creation and delivery of product content must be possible in real time – which is no easy task given the complexity of the processes.

Using appropriate technologies such as DAM and PIM is only half the equation: Organizations must also structure their workflows and collaboration with internal, as well as external, stakeholders as efficiently as possible. With mediacockpit, those responsible can very easily and flexibly assemble their own workflows and searches and thus optimize their own ways of working – without any programming knowledge at all.

Business Intetlligence and Analytics

Business Intetlligence and Analytics

Data is the best foundation for business decisions, because it provides insight into central mechanisms in the market, competition, within the organization, and in communication with customers and partners. Disciplines such as Business Intelligence or Data & Analytics help to identify patterns and derive important insights, which in turn help to make better decisions.

However, these insights can only be sufficiently accurate if the data base is complete and reliable. If data quality is poor or product and customer data or digital content is fragmented, analytics tools cannot deliver robust insights or recommendations for action.

Product content management solutions such as mediacockpit provide the perfect decision-making basis for data-driven organizations by ensuring data quality through numerous validation rules and automated processes, while at the same time drawing a complete picture of the content through very close integration of PIM and DAM.



Despite the numerous advantages of Product Content Management for the future security, profitability and transparency of companies, some still shy away from an implementation because they see it as being associated with high costs and a lot of internal effort. However, most manufacturers, such as Bertsch Innovation, offer SaaS solutions that drastically minimize the implementation effort and significantly shorten the time to value.

Companies also benefit from SaaS offerings in the mid- and long-term, as issues such as maintenance and updates are taken care of by the software provider, reducing the workload on the company’s own IT department.

Sooner or later, every company is faced with the decision of whether and when it needs a product content management solution – this applies to companies in the consumer goods sector as well as in industry, automotive aftermarket or for retailers. TGOA’s PIM Report makes it clear that Product Information Management is a growth market for a reason – we at Bertsch Innovation are pleased to have been identified as a relevant vendor in the report. Download the full document here !

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