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“Just like our product development, we oriented the development of our new dealer portal to the needs of the users. The result of our efforts is impressive. The new system is extremely dynamic in form and content. Optimized connections in the backend ensure that information is always up-to-date and the dynamic generation of content and documents in the frontend provides users with clear and visually attractive information.”

About LG

Since the 1950s, the South Korean group LG Electronics has been supplying private households with everything that makes daily life easier – refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, radios and televisions.

In the 20th century, a South Korean family was still gathered in front of a TV set from LG, but in the 21st century it is almost the entire world. After continuous expansion, LG Electronics is now the world’s second largest manufacturer of LCD televisions. In the USA, LG dominates the market for household washing machines. In addition to the traditional business areas, LG’s core business includes mobile communications, LG PC products, information displays and LG vehicle parts, a start-up in the automotive segment.

At LG, customer service is the expression of a corporate philosophy and forms the focus of all developments. Products should be designed in such a way that they convince through innovation, elegance and ease of use. On the other hand, the ethical standards of Jeong Do Management stipulate that products and services must offer customers practical help and guarantee their satisfaction.

Initial situation

  • Replacement of the old system, existing dealer portal no longer usable
  • No compliance with corporate design
  • Product traceability not always given
  • no uniform maintenance structure in PIM & MAM
  • high expenditure of time for the creation of data sheets

The data volume of the German branch of LG Electronics currently comprises almost 35,000 elements, a large part of them image data, as well as drawings in various formats. In the previous data management, the maintenance structure was very strongly designed for displaying it in the dealer portal. Reuse of the data via other channels to be connected was not taken into account, nor was data generally kept media-neutral. LG commissioned Bertsch Innovation GmbH to relaunch its overloaded data management system.


  • Introduction of mediacockpit (mediapim | mediasuite) as central and media-neutral product database for the five business units of LG
  • clear and uniform maintenance structure in the mediacockpit across all business units
  • Generation of different, standardized product data sheets in corporate design for the business units at the push of a button
  • all maintained product contents (PIM) are displayed flexibly (on-the-fly) in the dealer portal (microsite)
  • Microsite also includes merchant registration and activation functionality

In the LG migration project, the PIM/MAM software application mediacockpit is used. mediacockpit is an open, freely scalable system with a modular structure. The connection of further systems via web service interfaces is easy and cost-effective in mediacockpit. Customized developments can be implemented quickly and easily.

In the first project phase, the PIM/MAM system created in mediacockpit was implemented. Once the system was activated, specific product data sheets for all company divisions have been generated fully automatically from the system. The data sheet generation is highly flexible and dynamic in structure – update processes and synchronization run around the clock, just-in-time, without additional maintenance effort by means of change detection. In addition, products maintained in the system are displayed in the dealer portal (e.g. microsite with data, asset download, user management).

Consumer Benefit

With mediapim, editors in LG product data management maintain their data consistently across all areas with a defined product structure after the relaunch. This ensures that the content is of consistent quality across all business units and can be used effectively for other output channels.

Within mediacockpit, user rights can be configured individually for each user. In addition, browser-based access guarantees independence – local installation is not required, portals can be accessed from anywhere. In the project, the previously time-consuming registration process was simplified accordingly. The dealer portal also complies with strict security guidelines issued by LG headquarter in South Korea.

The target group of the dealer portal, which is based on the PIM/MAM system mediacockpit, are LG internal sales, buyers and employees. External dealers, partners and service providers are integrated into the system with the dealer portal.

For the relaunch of the LG dealer portal, an appropriate user management with registration was successively set up in the course of implementation. This also includes a freely configurable object status or status flow in mediacockpit. In mediacockpit, user rights can be configured individually for each user. In addition, browser-based access guarantees independence – local installation is not required, portals can be accessed from anywhere. In the project, the previously time-consuming registration process was simplified accordingly.

In order to create a tidy and appealing look that frames the LG brand in a modern, contemporary and target group-oriented way, the design was completely renewed and adapted to the global CI. All portal views are designed according to the criteria of responsive design, i.e. optimized for mobile devices, tablets and other mobile communication devices.

More than 1,000 customer data sets were transferred to the new system. During the data migration not only redundant attribute definitions and values had to be considered and harmonized, but also the data quality itself could be improved.

After successful execution of the first implementation phase, which was accompanied by detailed requirement workshops, user training and special training for technical administrators, further partner portals such as LG ISP Partner or LG Mobilepartner were connected on behalf of the customer.

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