Bertsch Innovation:
User Champion 2024 in the PIM software solutions category

Choosing the right software for a company is a crucial and comprehensive challenge. Which provider and which solution is most suitable for your individual needs?

To facilitate this process, the Professional User Ratings (PUR) from techconsult, a heise group company, has established itself as a valuable tool. These independent user ratings offer a comprehensive overview of various providers and their solutions, based on the direct feedback of users.

Active software users evaluate solutions by Company Rating (provider rating) and Technology/Solution Rating (solution rating) based on 60 criteria in 14 subcategories. The top providers are then grouped into the PUR diamond, which visually simplifies the comparison of these software solutions and facilitates the decision-making process.

The PUR-diamond: a visual guide for decision-making

Techconsult analyzes numerous software solutions in its assessments, including Product Information Management (PIM). A PIM system is key in centralizing all product-relevant data, including technical and marketing information, and seamlessly distributing the information to various channels such as online stores, catalogs and any point-of-sale.

Out of the 27 best rated PIM providers, Bertsch Innovation stands out again as the champion in 2024 – for the second time in a row.

PUR Champion PIM Software 2024

The supplier evaluation is based on a range of criteria such as

  • Innovation
  • Overall Product Portfolio
  • Service & Support
  • Sales Partner
  • Online Presence
  • Sustainability
  • Price- & Purchasing Structure
  • Information, Consulting and Training Services

The solution evaluation includes aspects such as:

  • Basic Features
  • Range of Functions
  • Solution Benefits
  • Product Loyalty & Purchase Recommendation

Bertsch Innovation delivers above-average performance in all of these criteria.

PUR Diamond PIM Softwares 2024

This independent user evaluation offers companies looking for a suitable PIM solution a clear orientation. The PUR diamond visualizes the position of Bertsch Innovation and simplifies the comparison with other providers. The detailed breakdown of the categories and criteria provides a precise insight into Bertsch Innovation’s strengths.

Decision-making made easy

For companies looking for a detailed overview of Bertsch Innovation’s positioning and the underlying evaluation criteria, the full report is available for download here.

Use this valuable resource to make informed decisions on the optimal PIM solution and take your product communication to the next level.

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