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The consumer world is moving faster and faster, and it is up to us not to lose touch and – even better – to contribute to shaping the world of tomorrow as well. To leave behind outdated technologies, isolated solutions and manual effort in creating and preparing product information and digital content, we need to break down the barriers between these two functional areas once and for all.

Customer Experience on all channels

However, the complexity of this challenge becomes clear when you consider how many different touchpoints companies have with their customers. Mastering all these points of contact and providing compelling product experiences requires new approaches to the digital value chain.

The solution is a network

One-stop Product Content Experience describes the consolidation of the digital supply chain at all stages that are essential for product communication. With the in-depth integration of Product Information Management and Digital Asset Management in a single user interface, One-stop Product Experience finally eliminates the boundary between product data and digital content, enabling the intelligent networking of all elements for high-quality and context-based product content.

Product Content as an Integrative Part of Your Digital Ecosystem

Integrations with creative programs such as Adobe InDesign and Photoshop or Office applications such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint facilitate the work of marketing and support the collaboration of internal and external creatives, designers and communication managers. Channel management, which is also integrated, ensures that perfectly composed product content is delivered to all relevant channels – from the online store and website to the point of sale and print catalog.

One-stop Product Content Experience

Bertsch Innovation has always offered cutting-edge technology for innovative solutions in all aspects of product communication. With One-stop Product Content Experience we help our customers shape their individual future in the market in a sustainable and secure way.

Read our latest manifest to learn how we help strengthen the identity of your brand and products at every touchpoint through a One-stop Product Content Experience, while optimizing the working environment for marketing, sales and customer service.

Download our manifest here to find out why your company deserves a One-Stop Content Experience too!

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Manifest: One-Stop Product Content Experience

With One-stop Product Content Experience we help our customers shape their individual future in the market in a sustainable and secure way.

Accomplir plus ensemble

Nous croyons en la valeur de la collaboration et de l’échange. Cela s’applique aussi bien à nos projets clients, desquels nous tirons de nombreuses informations précieuses pour le développement de nos produits, et à notre réseau de partenaires en pleine expansion, avec lequel nous soutenons nos clients dans leur numérisation.