Digitization in the Independent Automotive Aftermarket

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Like in many other areas, digitization is increasing rapidly in the automotive aftermarket. Information must be available faster and faster while maintaining a high level of quality and, if possible, in a form that is appropriate for the recipients. At the same time, the number of communication channels that have to be used is growing, as well as the number of interfaces through which content is distributed.

Despite the complexity, a consistent customer experience must be created on a global scale. At the same time, internal communication must also be ensured. Thanks to modern reporting and analysis tools that support every level of detail, full market transparency is possible right up to management level. Strategic use of all these channels requires a certain order. Alignment in the underlying data, in the interplay of the systems that run through them, and in the processes that accompany them.

This is not easy to achieve since systems have different requirements and the design of the interfaces between them also requires correspondingly careful planning. At the same time, however, pressure is coming from external sources, as the number of different vehicle models is also increasing and the vehicles and various parts themselves are becoming more and more complex – including the relationships between them. Mapping these in a logical way is becoming increasingly difficult. The growing competition between the OEM and IAM markets is intensifying the situation.

What emerges is a highly fragmented data universe that calls for increasingly high-performance solutions. Only a comprehensive product information system that connects all suppliers, dealers and workshops and reliably manages this data and its relations ensures transparency in the market. Bertsch Innovation offers the big picture for the automotive aftermarket with its AutomotivePIM, enabling full market transparency.

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