IT security of the highest priority:
Bertsch Innovation is Cert+ certified

It goes without saying that a software company places the highest demands on IT security. To prove this, Bertsch Innovation has been accredited with the Unified Security Cert + certification. According to this standard for IT security, companies are assessed using clear catalogs of measures.

On one hand, the company is given a clear overview of its own IT security level on the foundation of certain assessment criteria and their detailed examination. On the other hand, it can continue to work on the tested aspects through targeted measures in order to continuously maintain them at the highest level.


Bertsch Innovation has demonstrated a very high level of IT security by achieving the Cert+ certificate.

Our customers naturally expect nothing less than the highest standards and absolute safety from us. Thanks to the certificate we have achieved, they now have written confirmation of this.

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Manifest: One-Stop Product Content Experience

With One-stop Product Content Experience we help our customers shape their individual future in the market in a sustainable and secure way.

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Nous croyons en la valeur de la collaboration et de l’échange. Cela s’applique aussi bien à nos projets clients, desquels nous tirons de nombreuses informations précieuses pour le développement de nos produits, et à notre réseau de partenaires en pleine expansion, avec lequel nous soutenons nos clients dans leur numérisation.