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Would you like to make images, videos, PDFs and other documents available to your customers, business partners, prospects and friends? No problem: Kuschk makes it possible. With Kuschk, you can set up, manage and deploy your own media kiosk – simply with an app via the cloud. The Kuschk App from the App Store (iOS & Android) gives your community access to all published media at any time. This creates a direct connection to your community and ties it more closely to your organization. Everywhere. Mobile. 

Kuschk: Download app, launch 

What you have to do to use Kuschk? Simply download the Kuschk App from the App Store. In the “bookshelf” you’ll find all the media you want to publish – videos, images, PDFs and more. All media can be searched, viewed, purchased, subscribed to and shared to social networks. Selected media can also be downloaded and used offline. Especially practical: Kuschk supports updates. If, for example, a new document is made available in the cloud, Kuschk informs the community. This ensures that all users are always up to date – a service that will inspire your community. 

Perfect presentation in the Kuschk Viewer 

Your media will be effectively presented in Kuschk. Swipe from page to page or to switch between individual media or scroll down while reading. Either view one page or rotate the device to landscape and view two pages simultaneously. With the touch of a finger, you can view without distractions in full screen or white on black in night mode. 

All media in the Kuschk Cloud under control 

In the Kuschk Cloud you store all the media you want to publish. For example, magazines, offers, client information, presentations, product descriptions and price lists. Your community simply accesses them via smartphone or tablet (iOS & Android). Whether at the workplace, in the subway, during customer visits or in a consultation. This means up-to-date information is always just a “tip away”. 

Tracking to optimize Kuschk usage 

The integrated tracking function allows you to track the reading behavior of Kuschk users at any time. This gives you direct feedback on how your content is used and which content is particularly well received by the reader. The perfect basis for optimizing your media offering both quantitatively and qualitatively. 

Frequently asked questions about the Kuschk App 

What content can I share with the community through my kiosk?
All media you wish to publish, e.g. catalogues, magazines, offers, client information, product descriptions, price lists, instructions for use, photos, videos and much more … 

With the payment function, you can even sell media to users and tap into additional sales potential. Whether by direct sale or subscription. All types of sales can be handled via the Apple or Google Store. 

How will my community be informed about news in Kuschk?
Kuschk supports updates. If, for example, a new magazine is provided by you in the cloud, Kuschk actively notifies the community via the push function. This ensures that all users are always up to date – a service that will inspire your community. 

You can track the reading behavior of your customers at any time using a tracking tool. This gives you direct feedback on how your content is used and which content is particularly well received by the reader. The perfect basis for improving your media offering in terms of quantity and quality. 

Can I also use the Kuschk App internally?
Yes, of course you can also use Kuschk for your own organization. For example, to provide your employees with up-to-the-minute information at their workplace, during a customer visit or during a consultation. 

All content is permanently available. The download option also offers the option of making selected media available offline. 

For which devices is Kuschk compatible?
The Kuschk Cloud stores all media you want to publish. Your community can access it via smartphone or tablet (iOS & Android) via the Kuschk app. 

What do I have to do to deploy the Kuschk app to my community via the Apple or Google Store?
Almost nothing. Just give us your media and we’ll do the rest. You can open your media kiosk anywhere in no time and enter the world of mobile commerce with minimal effort. And at an unbeatable price! 

I have a technical problem or a basic question about Kuschk. Who can I contact?
We have put together a competent service team for you around the Kuschk Cloud and the Kuschk App. You can contact our experts directly via the “Contact” button. They will be happy to help you with any questions you may have. 

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