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The product content life cylcle doesn’t stop at publishing your product content: It is important to check and control if and how your product message is accepted and perceived by the target audience.

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Product Content Life Cycle

Product Content Adaption

Refining touches

Many companies assume that providing information is the sole purpose of marketing efforts.

image_Engage your audience

Engage your audience

Product content should not only inform – it should convince and, at best, even inspire. This can only be achieved with a combination of editorially prepared and visually attractive content. mediacockpit makes it easy for marketing teams to bring together and refine the corresponding content elements.

Automating tasks

Changes to product content are often time-consuming and tedious. At the same time, they are often time-critical, as they directly influence the conversion rate.

image_Automating tasks

Automate your workflows

There are numerous processes around the optimization of product content that can be automated by appropriate AI tools. These include image processing steps such as retouching, keywording of product content, or even the translation of editorial texts.

Moving forward together

Marketers often don’t know what product content already exists and how it has performed. This makes it almost impossible to optimize communication measures in the long term.

image_Moving forward together


mediacockpit eliminates the accidental re-creation of product content, since all parties involved are always aware of what content is already available. This saves valuable time that can be used to optimize existing product content.

Define quality standards

Quality is not necessarily the same for everyone – each company has its own requirements for product content and must match these with the needs of its partners and distribution channels.


You set the rules

In mediacockpit, you can define the quality rules yourself with the Data Quality Score and the Completeness Score. Notifications ensure that inconsistencies or missing values can be quickly detected and eliminated.

No conversion without conversation

Publishing product content is not the end of the product content life cycle. Now marketing teams need to listen closely and learn how the audience has received the product message and how they are responding to it.

If the audience’s reaction deviates from the buyer journey objectives, adjustments must be made: Marketing teams have to adapt or expand the product content according to the findings.

With mediacockpit, you have your entire product content life cycle reliably under control.

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Access for all devices

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High performance

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Customer success

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Priority support

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Enterprise security

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Continuous innovation

The professional, proactive and pragmatic approach, the permanent availability and the short response and processing times, and especially the comprehensive expertise as a software manufacturer combined with additional servicesimplementation and support – still convince me today that we made the right decision with Bertsch Innovation.

Marc Dawert
PIM Program Manager, Axalta Coating System


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