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Manage complex product content simply and effectively: mediacockpit is the ideal technology platform for high data density.

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Benefits for construction and machinery

Intelligent data management for streamlined processes

Single Source of Truth

The amount of data in the construction and machinery industry is enormous and often very complex, making the procurement, management and distribution of product content as equally challenging.

img_Central Data Management

Central Data Management

Both communication and collaboration in the construction and machinery industries benefit from centralized access to product data and digital content. With the help of PIM and DAM, workflow processes can be optimized and productivity significantly increased.

Complex Data

The construction and machinery industries typically use very complex data – from product information and digital content to maintenance information, workflows and CAD files.

img_Flexible and powerful

Flexible and powerful

Thanks to the close connection between PIM and DAM, mediacockpit is able to optimally manage any type of product-related data and make it available for further use and helps distribute it to the various data recipients.

Full BIM support

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an important topic for the construction industry and closely linked to manufacturers’ product content.

img_Your data in BMEcat and ETIM

Your data in BMEcat and ETIM

With the integrated software for electronic catalogs, e-proCAT, mediacockpit supports all processes and requirements of your BIM.

Perfectly showcased

If you want to create product catalogs quickly and efficiently, you need corresponding digital processes – the manual creation of print templates is not only time-consuming, but also error-prone.

img_Effective print processes

Effective print processes

With mediacockpit and the according integrations to the most common publishing systems, you can create catalogs, flyers and other printed materials in no time.

Data chaos during onboarding?

Problems with the data quality of supplier data are not uncommon in the construction and machinery industry. Different formats, rules and standards cause chaos in data procurement.

img_Comfortable data onboarding

Comfortable data onboarding

mediacockpit enables convenient data on-boarding and ensures the right data quality right from the start. This increases efficiency in all processes related to the creation, management, and distribution of product content and at the same time reduces the workload of your suppliers.

The specifics of the construction and machinery industry

Variants and specifications
For companies in the construction and engineering industries, the problem is often the complexity of the individual products rather than the size and heterogeneity of the product range. Different variants and designs have to be neatly mapped and at the same time clearly communicated – whether digitally or in print.

Avoidable costs
If complexity is not appropriately mitigated by automated processes, internal efforts will increase, along with the likelihood of processing outdated or incorrect product information. In the worst case, this can lead to incorrect orders or even reputational damage. Only central management of product information and digital content ensures that both customers and employees in sales and marketing always receive correct and reliable information.

With mediacockpit you have your processes and the exchange of your data under control, strengthen your brand communication and optimize your product content.

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Access for all devices

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High performance

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Customer success

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Priority support

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Enterprise security

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Continuous innovation

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