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Books are true treasures – treasures that are waiting to be found!

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Benefits for Publisher

More than 1,000 Words

Streamlined process chains

Behind every publisher there is usually a highly complex logistics engine. To provide the best service, many digital value chains must be connected.

image_Streamlined process chains

For greater efficiency

With mediacockpit, product portfolios can be generated quickly and easily, which booksellers can use to match their demand. Product information and digital content are synchronized effectively and provide everyone with an up-to-date picture immediately.

Valuable Product Content

Publishers need much more than just product data to optimally manage their books, audiobooks, magazines and other products.

image_The full power of PIM & DAM

The full power of PIM & DAM

Thanks to the combination of PIM and DAM in mediacockpit, a wide variety of data types, from cover images and teaser pages to author images, text excerpts and much more, are just a few clicks away. So you can find what you’re looking for in seconds.

Well informed – on all channels

Finding the right products with just a little information is not only important in physical bookstores. By now, books are sold through all channels.

image_Sales channels under control

Sales channels under control

With mediacockpit, you ensure optimally managed and prepared product content for product communication on social media, online marketplaces and stores.

The specifics of publishers

More than just information
Anyone looking for a particular book often has no more than a few keywords in mind, perhaps a description of the cover. The task of booksellers is to use such snippets of information to quickly find the right products. This is not possible without suitably detailed product content.

Streamlined Logistics
To ensure that books are stocked in bookstores in line with current demand, finely coordinated logistics processes run in the background, supported by a wide variety of digital value chains. In addition, digital channels and book shipping must also be synchronized with physical retailing.

With mediacockpit you have your processes and the exchange of your data under control, strengthen your brand communication and optimize your product content.

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Access for all devices

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High performance

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Customer success

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Priority support

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Enterprise security

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Continuous innovation

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Learn how Zeitfracht, as a wholesale book retailer, uses mediacockpit to manage more than 13 million media titles and automate publication processes.

Accomplish more together

We believe in the value of collaboration and exchange. This applies both to our customer projects, from which we generate many valuable insights for our product development, and to our growing partner network, with an extensive range of which we support our customers in their digitization.