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In the ever-evolving landscape of IT solutions, efficiency, scalability and seamless integration are key. Enter mediacockpit, where we redefine the integration experience for IT teams. Let’s embark on a journey of software that prioritizes simplicity over complexity and unlocks a new realm of IT efficiency.

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Simplify Integration, Amplify Efficiency

mediacockpit understands the unique challenges faced by IT teams. Our solution is engineered to seamlessly integrate into your software stack, offering a straightforward process that enhances collaboration, data flow, and overall system efficiency.

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Configurability provides flexibility

Say goodbye to software complications caused by custom code. mediacockpit’s configurability offers unparalleled flexibility, ensuring smooth set up without the need for intricate custom coding.

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information input & output in mediacockpit

From information input to output – Let your software stack speak to each other

Effortlessly connect your software stack – from ERP, WMS, Procurement, to Excel – and witness seamless communication. Input data from various sources and output to marketplaces, web, eCommerce, Microsites, Mobile, or even Print.

Servers wherever you need them

Whether in the Cloud, managed, or in-house, our servers are 100% GDPR compliant, providing the flexibility to meet your specific infrastructure needs.

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Explore more solutions for IT teams:

Visual Cloud

Cloud Ready

Ensure your IT infrastructure is ready for the Cloud era. mediacockpit is a Cloud Ready solution and empowers your organization to seamlessly transition into the Cloud era, optimizing scalability, flexibility, and accessibility for an agile and future-proof IT environment.

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API First Approach

We embrace an API-first approach with Rest API connectivity to seamlessly link with 99% of other systems. mediacockpit opens new avenues for connectivity, allowing your IT systems to effortlessly communicate with a diverse range of platforms and ensuring smooth data exchange.

Visual Configuration

Configuration is Key

Unlock the potential of mediacockpit by tailoring configurations to your business environment. Our configure-to-play solution ensures optimal performance and efficiency by aligning the platform precisely with your business model.

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Role-Based Access Control

Full Authority at Your Fingertips: mediacockpit gives IT teams the tools to manage user permissions with precision, ensuring the right level of access for each team member, promoting security, and enhancing accountability.

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Fully Browser-Based

Experience the convenience of a fully browser-based solution for accessibility from any device. mediacockpit is designed to flexibility manage tasks, collaborate, and access information seamlessly from any device, enhancing overall productivity and accessibility.

visual Single-Sign-On

Single Sign-On

Save time with mediacockpit’s Single Sign-On, streamlining access across systems. This solution provides a unified login experience, reducing the hassle of multiple logins and saving valuable time for any team member.

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