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New Release: mediacockpit 12

mc 12 Release

Look forward to numerous new features, even better usability and key technical enhancements that bring even more power and speed to your workflows: mediacockpit 12 is the platform for state-of-the-art product content management. Learn more about our new software release.

Key features and innovations

Your product data in snapshots

Easily create snapshots of your product data catalog: Whether manual or automated – for the first time, you can use different versions of your dataset for different publications in a workflow-controlled manner and continuously expand, optimize and enrich your product information at the same time.

mc 12 snapshot

The best search of all time

Search is one of the most elementary functions for effective product content management – which is why mediacockpit 12 relies completely on ElasticSearch for the first time. As a result, our own full-text search is replaced by the technology standard in all areas.

Fast and robust
Search your product information reliably and in real time for relevant data. Thanks to the ability to index a wide variety of content, you’re guaranteed to miss nothing – even if the information you’re looking for is hidden in reports or event documents.

mc 12 snapshot
mc 12 Release snapshot

Every search a direct hit
ElasticSearch offers you the full range of search functionalities – including the so-called “wildcard” search. As a result, you can find similar information even if not all search criteria are known, or query specific result patterns.

Explore your data
Bring your ElasticSearch search results to life with interactive Kibana dashboards and explore your data with comprehensive filtering and drill-down capabilities. Kibana dashboards give you and your team a deeper understanding of your business results.

Data maintenance you’ll love

Data maintenance

The new release makes a lot of things easier: for example, mediacockpit 12 maintains all attributes globally, regardless of whether they are used as object, classification or type attributes. All functions such as inheritance or contexts are now globally available.

At the same time, mediacockpit 12 finally breaks the boundaries of complex structures and, in line with mediasuite, mediapublisher and mediaimport, offers detached usage for all data objects instead of a specific hierarchy per type. Less effort in data maintenance with more flexibility and control.

Additionally, we’ve eliminated GUI defaults so you can personalize your user interfaces even more. Customize your widgets and table views to suit your needs and benefit from even more intuitive workflows.

Direct data access

Data access

With mediacockpit 12, we have developed the first modules based on the new “ncore” API, which provides direct access to the database – including the ElasticSearch full text search. We will gradually extend these function modules to other areas as well, bringing even more performance, reliability and efficiency to your data queries.

Further optimizations

The new release also includes numerous new features and enhancements that have been developed based on feedback from our customers and experts. As a result, we ensure that we always further develop and optimize mediacockpit in line with the requirements of its users.


What you can look forward to with mediacockpit 12:

mc12 Feature

Improved search
The new release completely replaces our own full-text search and relies on the ultimate technology leader, ElasticSearch. Find the right information in real time – no matter where it is!

mc12 Feature

Transparent view of your product data
Create snapshots of your product data catalog and benefit from transparent views that you can use for a wide variety of publications – current or past. This way, you can work on your spring catalog while already preparing the summer collection.

mc12 Feature

Convenient data maintenance
Put an end to redundant definition and assignment: Maintain your attributes once and centrally for all your data types and objects. This simplifies data maintenance and helps you design your workflows more efficiently.

mc12 Feature

Complex hierarchy is a thing of the past
In line with your mediasuite, mediapublisher and mediaimport, mediacockpit 12 says goodbye to complex folder systems. This simplifies the organization and grouping of all data objects as well as the assignment of access rights.

mc12 Feature

Data access without intermediate steps
Benefit from unparalleled performance and reliability for your data queries: mediacockpit 12 uses the new ncore API for the first time for direct access to your database, without any intermediate layer.

mc12 Feature

Further improvements
mediacockpit 12 also includes updates to the underlying infrastructure as well as numerous bug fixes and desired functional additions and improvements in all modules.

You are already a mediacockpit user and would like to learn more? Arrange an upgrade analysis, to prepare your system for mediacockpit 12. Our experts are happy to help you.

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Webcast: mediacockpit 12 in action

Register for the free webinar on Thursday, February 23rd 2023 at 11 a.m. and discover all the new functions and features live.