Data Distribution via PIM & DAM

Data Distribution

Publish product data and media to specific target audiences

Specific distribution and publication of your media and product data via all relevant channels to reach your target audience at the right moment is an essential key to company success. Centrally managed assets and product information will give you a huge advantage and let you design your product communication with customers and prospects, with business and trading partners as well as suppliers more precisely and react faster to new requirements and market demands.

Data distribution via PIM/DAM system

Top performance throughout all marketing and sales channels

Unlock the full potential of your product information and digital assets. With a PIM and DAM system you can publish your product data and media in any necessary way via all relevant sales and marketing channels. Whether B2C or B2B. Print or Social. Even if you want to use product and price search engines with product data feeds or electronic catalogs for your procurement or purchasing. Or you have to meet industry standards such as BMEcat and strengthen your appearance on electronic marketplaces such as Wucato or Mercateo. An interface/API to any third-party system is no problem.

PIM and DAM can do much more

  • Create your own individualized microsite, app or kiosk app and publish your data and media directly from your smartphone and host your own app in the play store.
  • Link your PIM/DAM system with your Content Management System (CMS) and integrate your product data and media directly into your website, online shop, blog or forum.
  • Use a video platform that integrates with the system to record, edit, and distribute video directly to your video channels on your smartphone.