Publish product data & digital assets on B2B marketplaces 

B2B Marketplaces

Satisfy your business customers’ needs via PIM & DAM

Are you selling your products primarily to other companies? Structured and up-to-date product information is of highest priority to you for advancing in sales in your B2B industry? This is your opportunity to make use of established B2B marketplaces and open up additional sales opportunities.

In your PIM/DAM system you can format all product information and digital assets according to the specifications of the corresponding B2B marketplaces and directly generate a product data feed with selected products. This way, all relevant B2B sales platforms can be fed with minimal effort.

An overview of the most important B2B marketplaces for your PIM/DAM connection:

  • Wucato
  • Amazon Marketplace
  • nexMart
  • Mercateo
  • and many more.

Expert tip:

With your PIM/DAM solution, you can not only fill B2B marketplaces, but also other platforms such as The application possibilities of your digital assets via PIM and DAM are almost unlimited. Use these opportunities to your advantage.