Your database for your CMS

CMS & Online Shops

Digital asset connection to online shops & websites

Are you hosting your own online shop or website? A PIM/DAM system can easily be set up and connected to your corporate website and topic-specific microsites as well as your online shop. Your advantages are clear: You can publish all current product data, photos, videos as well as documents such as catalogues, brochures, data sheets and price lists at the push of a button. Your customers, prospects and partners are always kept up to date and informed with the highest data quality – a proven advantage when making a purchase decision.

Your PIM/DAM solution serves as a database for your content management system and makes all digital assets available online. Even large amounts of data are transferred to the CMS and displayed without any loss of performance.

PXM and shop systems: sell more efficiently with PIM & DAM

Of course, you can use your PIM/DAM software to distribute your products on more than just your own online shop or fill websites with your product information. The connection to multi-stores or external online shops can also be easily accomplished with a powerful PIM/DAM solution. Transfer your data e.g. to dealer shops to increase your reach on the Internet and open up additional sales channels. Particularly this is also an efficient option if you don’t want to set up your own online shop and rather rely on external sales platforms. PIM and DAM make it possible.