International distribution of your digital assets


Speak the language of your target markets, worldwide

Make use of your digital assets internationally in sales and marketing. With a PIM/DAM system, publishing your product data and media in different languages, regions and countries is done with ease. With your PIM and DAM, you can fully exploit the potential of global markets with minimal effort. Make your marketing campaigns more successful, optimize customer communication and use international sales channels more efficiently.

Internationalization of digital assets: Present in all markets via PIM & DAM

A powerful PIM/DAM solution should provide you with pre-translations and transform your product texts, product information and marketing texts into any desired language.

Thanks to its Unicode capability, there are no language barriers or limits, and a PIM/DAM system should also be able to map special typographic properties without any problems. For example, the support for right-to-left (RTL) read languages should not be missing. You should also be able to define variants for specific target markets. If, for example, different cultural or social characteristics exist in a target market, the communication in these regions can be adapted precisely.