Digital Assets Product Data Feed

Product Data Feed

Sell through online marketplaces and search engines

Your data is already centrally managed and maintained? Use it to your advantage and create, host and publish structured data feeds fitted to the requirements of various platforms such as online marketplaces, price search engines or product search engines.

All assets in your DAM system can be formatted and structured according to the requirements of each individual platform. Generate a product data feed directly from your product data managed in your PIM and use sales platforms such as Google Shopping, Amazon, ebay or many other price search engines.

Dynamic product data feeds: Simply via XML file

How does it work? Very simple: Select the columns required for the feed and create an XML file based on your product data. This file is hosted via the PIM/DAM system and made accessible to the corresponding platforms via URL. The feeds are dynamic and adapt to your data maintained in the system. If your stock is empty, the article is simply marked as “not available” in the feed. Once you have generated a product data feed, it can be submitted to the relevant platforms such as Google Shopping, Amazon, ebay and many more. Allowing you to strengthen your presence throughout all your relevant marketplaces and open up lucrative sales opportunities – with minimal effort.