Create meaningful videos with DAM

Video Platform

Moving target groups via moving images

Videos – even more than pictures – give you the opportunity to spark emotions, convey complex content and inspire your customers with powerful messages. Therefore, make use of your media from your DAM software system to create high-quality and effective videos and publish them via your various marketing and sales channels. For example, video instructions and how-to videos for training, emotional advertising films for product presentations or background reports on your company. Play the videos on your website, theme microsites, in newsletters, via Google Ads or via social networks such as Facebook and Instagram.

Your own video platform: DAM makes it possible

Create your own video platform from your digital assets and use your media assets even more versatile and flexible. Whether smartphone videos, professional commercials or animated productions: With your DAM-based video platform, you can save, manage, edit, cut and publish even impressive videos. All in one system.

This is how you benefit from a DAM-based video platform:

  • Store and manage your videos directly in your DAM system.
  • Simply use your smartphone to create videos without the need for expensive camera equipment.
  • Cut, edit and finalize your videos in our clever “How-to Video” solution.
  • Create multiple audio tracks in different languages and make your videos available worldwide.