PIM & DAM Data Integration

Data Integration

Simple and automated data integration 

Manually integrating large amounts of data into a PIM-/DAM- system often takes a lot of time and workforce. In addition, the risk of error increases, which can result in many reviews and corrections. Automated imports of large amounts of data, saves you a lot of time, resources, and money. It frees your employees of tiresome maintenance and minimizes risk of error.

Data Integration PIM & DAM

Flexible by API or manual integration

Quickly import data and media, structured and flexible from various systems at the touch of a button. That is what it is all about. For this purpose, your DAM-/PIM system, like mediacockpit should provide maximum flexibility for automatic data imports via interface or manual reading. Whether automatic or manual data import: In any case, it is advisable to present all the pre-systems and data sources for your DAM-/PIM-/ system in a detailed data structure.

Product information and digital assets consist of a wide variety of data and media formats. If you don’t want to use an API or make short-term changes to the data import, you can read your data and media manually. Spontaneous manual input without an API allows you to structure your data independently and flexibly.

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