Digital Asset Management

Data Management

Full control of your data and media across the entire company 

The constantly growing volume of data and media in companies overwhelms many employees and causes high administrative costs. The main reason is the lack of central management of these assets and historically grown data silos. Above all, the inadequate, cross-system use and provision of data and media across different company divisions often lead to frustration and cost a lot of time and money. As a result, your existing assets cannot be used quickly and efficiently for your business processes and waste valuable resources.

Especially with the background of digitization, an integrated data and media management strategy is indispensable. A powerful data management system supports you in centralizing and consolidating all media and product data. You will never lose track of your assets again and can use them company-wide. 

Product Experience Management via PIM/DAM software 

Central data and media maintenance 

Product Experience Management (PXM) enables you to centrally manage your digital assets across all IT systems and business units. With a PXM system, you can centrally store and maintain all digital data and media required for your business processes. Special forms of a PXM system can be used to manage product data and media (photos, PDFs, videos, etc.) or for a fine-grained approach to data management: 

  • PIM – Product Information Management 
  • DAM – Digital Asset Management 

In a PIM or DAM systems, you manage and maintain either product data or media. Of course, PIM and DAM systems can be combined with each other and complement each other. This allows you to use your digital assets in an even more targeted way. 

Even very large amounts of data can be easily processed in a PXM system (Big Data Management). For example, simply integrate your complete product portfolio with all variants as well as all associated documents and media into the PXM system. From this database, all data and media can be managed in multiple languages and made available for your international business. A PXM system is therefore also the optimal basis for your successful internationalisation strategy.