Digital Asset Management (DAM)


Your digital media platform

A DAM system is much more than an image database. Instead, a DAM solution is the central platform for retrieving, managing, editing, and distributing all digital media such as images, videos, PDFs, InDesign files, and Office documents. You can set up manual and automated processes or combine them individually according to your needs. In particular, companies with a comprehensive product range and a wide variety of variants usually generate an enormous volume of media. Whether you are a marketing or sales employee, system administrator or product manager, archive or graphics department, a DAM system offers all authorized employees the opportunity to use valuable media more efficiently and specifically. This not only increases employee productivity, but also the value of your digital media and contributes significantly to business success.

The benefits of Digital Asset Management at a glance:

  • Consolidated product information for all output channels
  • Multiple use of top-quality content
  • One-time updating and translation of media and documents throughout all channels
  • Direct integration of media into sales platforms and marketing channels
  • Uniform product communication across all marketing media and channels
  • Increased sales potential thanks to shortened time-to-market through automated media creation and target group-specific communication
  • Reduced costs and rapid amortization thanks to IT-supported, optimized processes

Media Management DAM: Flexibility is everything

A powerful DAM software should be able to process, structure and correctly render a wide range of file formats. Detailed indexing ensures that you can quickly find and productively use your digital assets. Equally indispensable in your digital asset management software are the possibilities to generate derivatives and versioning. The more output channels that can be connected, the more flexible and target-group-specific you can communicate your consistent product information via DAM.

You can manage the following media in a DAM system:

  • Images
  • videos
  • Sound files
  • PDFs
  • InDesign documents
  • office documents
  • catalogues
  • leaflets
  • Descriptions
  • translations

Expert tip:

All data and media formats that a Digital Asset Management (DAM) software can process can be found in the Data Integration Formats section.