Product Information Management (PIM)


More targeted use of product data

A PIM software is the central hub for retrieving, managing, editing and distributing your product data. You can individually combine manual processes with automated processes – according to your needs. Especially companies with a comprehensive product range, many product variants and various output channels benefit from the central storage and administration of product data. 

Product information management offers you many advantages:

  • Consolidated product data
  • Multiple use of quality-assured content
  • One-time update and translation of product data throughout all channels
  • Direct connection to sales platforms and marketing channels
  • Uniform product communication across all marketing media and channels
  • Increased sales opportunities through fast time-to-market thanks to automated media creation and target-group-specific communication
  • Cost savings and fast ROI through IT-supported process optimization

Product management PIM: Consistent product data throughout all channels 

How can you recognize a good PIM software? Among other things by the variety and flexibility of the attributes and fields in the system. In this way, your product data can be provided consistently and in top quality for all sales and marketing channels.

The most important fields and attributes of your product information at a glance: 

  • Product
  • product categories
  • Short & long descriptions
  • catalogue texts
  • sales texts
  • Technical Attributes
  • Accessories
  • Media & Product Images
  • EAN
  • GTIN
  • Product IDs
  • inheritances
  • Variants and Versions
  • Freely definable text fields