Project Management PIM/DAM

Project Management

PIM & DAM as a communication medium

Get even more out of your PIM/DAM system and also use it as a fast and effective means of communication. Whether internal or external task distribution – with a sophisticated rights management all your employees have the necessary views on their tasks ready. To ensure that process steps in the project plan are adhered to, simply assign tasks to the responsible employees in the system. This means that all project members know what they need to do and when they need to take action. After completion of the tasks, the employee can be informed who must implement the following work packages in the process chain. In this way you ensure smooth workflows and reach your goal faster.

Digital Asset Workflow Management: Smooth workflow design

With integrated project management in the PIM/DAM system, your workflow is also automatically improved. Processes can be clearly defined and partially or fully automated. For example, product managers can assign tasks to the internal graphics and marketing department or to sales. As soon as a task is completed, the next responsible employee is automatically notified and can process his or her work package. Project management using a PIM/DAM solution thus not only contributes to lean, efficient processes, but also to quality assurance in communication.