PIM/DAM Translation Management

Translation Management

Speak the languages of your markets

You are already active in international markets and need to communicate your product information in several languages? Do you produce advertising material for several international locations or are you taking the first steps towards internationalization? Then you should consider a PIM/DAM system for your internationalization strategy. A powerful PIM/DAM software offers you integrated translation functions for any language worldwide. Create high-quality translations in all necessary languages directly in the PIM/DAM software and simplify the creation and maintenance of international product information. Especially companies that do not employ native speakers or have no internal translation resources benefit from the integrated translation option. This saves you high costs and the time-consuming management of translation agencies. You can also use integrated web services such as automatic translations in real time. You can shorten the time-to-market of your products by providing localized product information faster. If necessary, the texts can be refined manually afterwards. Connection to a translation management system (TMS) is also possible without any problems.

Digital Asset Management in different languages: Being understood worldwide

The PIM/DAM software recognizes the desired language in consideration of the language setting in the browser. At the same time, manual language settings are also supported. Benefit from worldwide availability of languages, as well as fall back and adaptation languages, e.g. export – English. The system should also be able to handle special characters and fonts such as a right-to-left language (Arabic, Hebrew, etc.) without any problems.

A typical application: 

You maintain product descriptions in French for the French market. You mark the language in the PIM/DAM system as FR-FR. Now your sales department would like to introduce the products in French-speaking Switzerland as well. Since this market is new territory for you, no language CH-FR is planned yet. The solution: You simply create the language CH-FR and import the product information of the language FR-FR. Country-specific adjustments can then be made manually.