Digital Asset Management Data Enrichment

Data Enrichment

Get the most out of your data

In your PIM/DAM system, you can enrich your digital assets with any information, images, videos, descriptions, features, ratings, comments, timeliness, technical attributes, and many other properties. Additional fields can also be created later in the system and supplemented with important information. You can have your digital assets automatically checked by the system and gain valuable reports on which data should be enriched with missing or additional information.

Enhance your digital Information

Perfectly prepared data for all use cases

Inline references and rules allow you to automatically create product texts, even multilingual. A uniform and international product communication cannot be built up more easily and securely. As an internationally oriented company, you also benefit from the possibilities of automatic calculations and conversions of units. Parameters such as currencies, units and properties such as Celsius and Fahrenheit are always up-to-date. Product variants such as different color or country variants can also be configured without any problems. Your product data can be classified for target systems or requirements of your business partners. Thus, your data can be delivered to online shops, marketplaces or e-procurement systems that require their own product data specifications and special features for the publication of your products.