Digital Asset Management Filtering

Data Filtering

The data you are looking for at the touch of a button

Time is money. Precise filtering of your digital assets is therefore an indispensable element of any PIM-/DAM system. This also allows missing product information to be automatically detected by the system and displayed for follow-up care. In addition, a clean cover word helps you find searched data and information quickly and securely. Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies and integrated cloud services, for example, people’s objects, elements, colors, and faces can be automatically tagged through Image Recognition, and take this time-consuming work away from you. For a plus in productivity.

Filter and sort digital assets

Company-wide and in all languages

If multiple locations in your organization produce digital assets, you may not know them at all. This may give you valuable data and information. Good filters allow you to quickly and reliably track down all relevant assets to your search. And this thanks to automatic translation services in different languages.