How-to VideoVideo creation in four easy steps 

Effective instruction, training and presentation

Use easy-to-understand videos to make your internal and external communications more effective. Simply by App. Without high costs for expensive equipment or agencies. 

And much easier than you think. The advantages of How-to videos are quickly apparent. 

Four reasons for your How-to Video 

Affordable video creation: Without expensive video equipment or external service providers. Smartphone or tablet are enough. 

Guided video recordings: Step by step to the perfect video. Without specialist knowledge or special video know-how. Easy to use in all departments. 

Simply via browser: Video editing anywhere in the world via web browser. With subsequent video post-processing and rendering. 

Without IT resources: Simply download the app (iOS & Android), sign up for the cloud based online service and start recording. 

How-to Videos: Lot of options – intuitive and easy to use

There are many ways to use How-to videos in your business. We have summarized the most important ones for you here: 

Instructions & Help

Many repair or assembly instructions today still consist of text and pictures. Complicated facts or procedures can be presented much more easily and memorably with a moving image. Use How-to videos to enrich your instructions with short, self-made video sequences. You support your customers and employees in quickly solving problems, optimizing operationsand reducing assembly and maintenance processes and ultimately in saving valuable time and money. 

Orientation & further training 

In every production process there are specifications that need to be explained and in particular thoroughly communicated to new employees. Use How-to videos to create clear step-by-step instructions. This simplifies and reduces the orientation and promotes further training to keep employee skills and know-how up to date. 

Presentation & sales promotion 

Do you have products in need of explanation whose functionality and advantages are not immediately apparent? Simply present your sales arguments in a short, self-made video. This is an impressive way to inform and convince potential new and existing customers. Whether on a video platform, on your website, in your online shop or in a sales app. 

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