mediacockpit – PIM & DAM software intelligently combined

Use product information & media assets effectively across all channels: 

Online – Mobile – Offline 

Crucial to successful product data and media management is an open, scalable system that provides the necessary interfaces to connect to e-commerce, content management and ERP systems, print workflows and online & offline distribution. mediacockpit makes it possible. 

mediacockpit helps you in your daily work with media assets, product information, as well as external and internal communication. 

The uniform, intuitive web interface ensures a quick learning curve and maximum user productivity. 

Good reasons for your mediacockpit

Easy management – of all of your product information and digital media assets 

Server application – seamless internal & external cooperation & communication of your departments, partners, systems and customers

Automated publications – in all online & offline channels: From social media to online shops to print 

Optimize resource utilization – both your employee’s time and costly hardware investments

mediacockpit modules
All-included: From enterprise PIM to DAM to mobile solutions 

mediacockpit’s modular design can be tailored to your specific needs making the configuration as efficient as possible. 

mediapim – Product Information Management (PIM)

mediapim is your central hub for enterprise product data (PIM,a.k.a. product content management  – PCM – or product master data management – MDM). mediapim allows you to intuitively onboard, create, edit and search your product information. Our easy-to-use software provides you with a wide range of data types to model and maintain your product master data 

mediapim supports you in your day-to-day work with all aspects of product information management, from modeling to acquisition and maintenance, translation and publication. mediapim is extremely flexibly and can be easily integrated into your system landscape via modern, well documented interfacesStarting out with product data, mediapim turns this data into rich product information: the system structures data into a hierarchy and maps data fields to product attributes. mediacockpit can automate tasks such as product linkages or defining regional pricing strategies, making previously complex tasks quicker and easier to perform. 

Your product information can be exported or published to a wide variety of sales channels as required: either in its entirety or by creating specific assortments and filters for sending the right information (and only that information) to the right channels, whether print catalogs, online shops, e-commerce marketplaces or mobile apps. 

mediasuiteEnterprise Digital Asset Management (DAM)

mediasuite is the central hub for your digital media assets. mediasuite offers you consistent and structured media management and handles the classic tasks of digital asset management with flying colors. The advantages are obvious:

  • save time and money through quick, intuitive media access and media reuse
  • provide personalized media views, with tiered access rights for customers, partners and employees
  • gain competitive advantage through shortened time-to-market cycles.

mediasuite provides easy-to-use and powerful media capture and management tools. This allows you to efficiently use and bundle, channel and visualize the full range of media needed internally and externally. A variety of search and preview features deliver quick results when looking for image, text, sound and video files. Even better: link mediasuite with mediapim and enrich your product information with your up-to-date media assets. Unified information management at its best!

Discover mediasuite as a service here!

mediapublisherIntegrated Brand and Product Communication 

mediapublisher takes over structuring and output of your media and content into channel-specific publication, whether file-based or using specific interfaces. mediapublisher uses XML as a standard output format to ensure interoperability with virtually all tools for desktop and database publishing. These include Web2Print solutionsPDF formatting libraries, Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Office, Quark Xpressand others. Automated transformation during publication are possible, as is manual post-processing in the tool(s) of your choice.  

mediapublisher also supports flat file formats (Excel, CSV, TXT) and a dedicated Database Export (JDBC, MYSQL, SQL Server, …) to integrate and exchange information with your tools and processes, including ERP systems, business information (BI), online catalogs, and more. Our industry leading software for electronic catalogs, e-proCAT, can connected to mediapublisher for catalog creation, automated classification, and distribution as BMECat or GS1-XML. 

mediapublisher also supports distributing your data and media directly via API interfaces and online. In this way, omnichannel publications can be realized on the platforms relevant to you at the touch of a button: from social media to your own website and online shop to digital marketplaces. Retailer portals or electronic catalogs with customer-specific product ranges can also defined and provisioned with mediapublisher.  

mediamobile The shortest way to Mobile First

mediamobile allows you to make your product information and digital assets available at any time and from any locationAll data or just the data and media you specify are available to your customers, partners or employees on demand. Content in mediacockpit can be centrally managed and globally distributed for mobile applications. 

Provide specific content, for example, for download for offline use. This means that your team in the field always has the most up-to-date sales presentations and documents at its disposal. The content for your next trade fair can be controlled via a dedicated mobile app from the comfort of your desk. Publish new product information with online and mobile optimized flipbooks. For efficient cross & up-sellingthese “epaper” apps can be linked directly to your online shopCustomer can link directly into your shop from the catalogue on their mobile tablet. Your audiences is kept up to date with push notifications around news and updates. On top of all this, the design your mobile app can be customized to conform with your corporate design. mediamobile helps makes it happen. With ease. 

mediacockpit –Asset “Engines”, plugins & technology

mediacockpit is a modern, powerful and modular complete solution for holistic product information and digital asset management in marketing communications. 

A broad range of asset converters, or “Engines”, and integrated application plugins ensure that you have the right content for every application and you can realize your individual marketing platform with maximum efficiency and future security. 

Image Converter

The motor to power your graphic format requirements.

Generate preview media and derivative renditions in all relevant graphic formats: JPG, PNG, PSD, EPS, TIF, etc. 

mc plugin Office

Office Engine 

Process and convert Office documents automatically!

Generate preview media and derivative formats (PDF, ODF, JPG), extract document text
for online search, supported formats:
DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, ODT, ODP, XLS, XLSX, and more!) 

Video Engine 

Powerful video conversions for all your channels. 


Generate HTML5 video previews and render additional media derivatives in formats such as AVI, MP4, MPEG1/2, OGG, WMV

InDesign Engine 

Server-based processing of Adobe InDesign files

Generating preview media and derivatives (INDD, PDF, JPG, ) from Adobe InDesign files

mediacockpit – Plugins

mediacockpit add-in for Microsoft® Office Products 

Office Integration with a dedicated ribbon and plugin for MS Word and MS PowerPoint

The Office plugin will help you to work directly with mediacockpit in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. The permissions and roles are respected and the plugin offers convenient integration of assets and derivatives by drag and drop with a powerful search, access to your media selections as well as browsing the category tree. 

mc plugin InDesign

mediacockpit Extension for Adobe® CC

Integration into production processes with the Adobe Creative Cloud products

mediacockpit content integrated directly into Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and other CC products via our official mediacockpit CC extension. After user authentication, content from mediacockpit can be edited in CC products, like Photoshop, with check-out and check-in and versioning. Your content can be searched and placed directly into InDesign documents within the extension interfaceUpdates to your assets are controlled by InDesign using the extension and version updates performed with a single click. 

mc plugin aws

Cloud Integration mit Amazon Web Services (AWS) 

Leverage Machine Learning and AI to increase the value of your content. 

Integrate machine learning with mediacockpit through cloud services. You can the integrate with services like AWS’s Image Rekognition to automatically recognize objects, to train and detect faces, to extract colors and recognize texts in image files (OCR).  

All texts in mediacockpit can be automatically translated using machine translation with the AWS Translate service 

Operation of mediacockpit in the AWS Cloud and other cloud and container ecosystems using Docker and Docker Compose has been optimized and is officially supported. 

mediacockpit – Technologies & APIs

Interfaces & APIs 

mediacockpit offers extensive integration options and programming interfaces to interop with third-party systems. These API interfaces expose all relevant aspects of mediacockpit and are specified in Javadoc and further detailed in our technical documentation. Developer training is offered on a project-specific basis. 

In mediacockpit, data exchange is possible even without API integration: Customers can import product information and media assets via monitored folders, allowing a pragmatic and loosely coupled integration with 3rd party systems.  

Scheduled tasks and processes can be programmed in Java or scripted in Groovy to intact with other systems and integrate data (via both push and pull). System-specific background processes, such as asset conversion or publication are implemented using the same well tested APIs and functionality.  

Workflows and state transitions can be enhanced by numerous standard and custom actions (so-called state transition handlers) without compromising the system’s ability to update. 

Architecture & Data Model

mediacockpit is flexible and extendable software platform built with leading JEE standards for unified processes in marketing communicationsmediacockpit runs on WildFlythe leading JEE application server from Redhat and the system supports several RDBMS systems, including MySQL, MariaDB, Microsoft SQL Server and Amazon Aurora. mediacockpit’s modular system architecture assumes and supports interaction with other systems and applications by design 

Cloud Integration, Containers and On-Premise

mediacockpit supports multiple modes of operation. You can easily and quickly install and run a mediacockpit server it in your own data center (on-premise) as a traditional application or via a docker container. We provide docker images to help get you started.  

We have offered mediacockpit via ASP, or software-as-a-service, for over 20 years. First we ran the servers ourselves, now we work closely with Top 21 Systemhaus GmbH, a Bertsch Innovation Spin-Off and ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified data center in Stuttgart, Germany. 

You can run mediacockpit in the Cloud with a well-known provider such as Amazon Web Services, who we worked with since 2010, for maximum reliability, performance, accessibility, security and flexibility.  

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