Product Data Classification

Find products faster and label them more accurately

Product data is the central building block in e-business. The precise classification of this data ensures that products can be organized into a uniform group structure. For example, to compare them with other products. In addition, product data classification can be used to uniquely describe a product by means of characteristics in order to enable a quick search via product features. Last but not least, the classification of product data also improves findability in online shops, since a classified product is automatically enriched with synonyms. For example, a classified pipe wrench can also be found when searching for the terms “sanitary wrench” or “gripper wrench”.

Classification of product data: Essential in ETIM and ECLASS 

Classifications of product data can be used for different purposes: A uniform, company-wide classification can connect different areas and functions in the company and form the basis for internal communication. In addition, it enables functions such as procurement analyses, expenditure analyses, spare parts management and others. In particular, classifications such as ECLASS or UNSPSC are frequently used for this purpose. 

In addition to these more procurement-oriented application areas, classifications are also used in a sales-oriented way. Classifications such as ETIM or proficl@ss ensure that products can be found and compared in dealers online shops independently of supplier on the basis of class or technical features. 

Classify products with e-proCAT: Reliable and secure 

e-proCAT is our solution for the secure classification of your product data according to ETIM, ECLASS, UNSPSC and GPC. With e-proCAT you can record characteristics via predefined rules and classify product data fully automatically. Especially industries with classification standards benefit from the automated product data classification, e.g.: 

  • healthcare 
  • medical technology 
  • electrical wholesale 
  • sanitary/heating/air conditioning (SHK) 
  • office material/office Supply 
  • production compound trade 
  • tool industry 
  • automotive 
  • and much more 

Test our free demo version and see for yourself. Our experts will be happy to help you and answer your questions about product data classification and electronic catalogues. 

Do you have any questions about product data classification? Or are you looking for a competent software partner for your PIM/DAM project? Our experts are happy to help!

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