Digital Asset Management Workflows Explained

DAM Workflows

Effectively integrate your product content into your workflows

Considering a software solution not as an isolated piece of technology, but as part of an ecosystem of applications, is especially important when it comes to product-relevant solutions such as MDM, PIM and DAM.

After all, every single integration that optimizes the data processes around the product content life cycle ensures that companies communicate faster and more successfully, both internally and externally – and as a result are better able to hold their ground in the world of e-commerce. With the marketing and commerce platform mediacockpit, we rely on a system architecture that fully integrates into your digital ecosystem. In this blog article, learn how various publishing integrations and plug-ins for Adobe Creative Cloud and MS-Office help you stay in flow and generate more value out of your digital assets.

Content Everywhere

In today’s omnichannel environment, content creation and marketing teams are constantly producing and designing rich product content for multiple touchpoints. In addition to contextualizing and personalizing product content, they must ensure that published content is up-to-date, consistent, and compliant with specific channel and platform policies, as well as their own brand guidelines. At the same time, sales reps depend on efficient content production and seamless sharing. Presentations, brochures, price lists and other sales-related documents must be created for existing and potential customers or forwarded to external sales partners, who in turn must adapt them for their own purposes.

DAM Workflows

This means that no matter what position your employees hold, they should be able to quickly and easily retrieve sales or marketing content or create it with their own assets. This requires a central solution for product content management.

A comprehensive solution for your digital ecosystem

If you want to convince today’s customers of a product, lead them to a purchase decision, and commit them to your brand in the long term, you have to be able to supply a growing number of touchpoints with high-quality product content – and do so in real time. As a platform for product content management, mediacockpit therefore combines the product-relevant disciplines of product information management (PIM) and digital asset management (DAM) in a single interface and also offers numerous intelligent integrations that optimally support your workflows, whether in creative or value-creating activities.

DAM integrations

The mediasuite DAM is much more than a standard solution for digital asset management. mediasuite was developed specifically for integration into existing digital ecosystems – with the aim of making work easier for graphic designers, marketers, sales employees and anyone else who regularly comes into contact with digital assets. With mediasuite you can integrate the essential tools of your MarTech stack into your digital asset management, so your employees no longer have to switch back and forth between different platforms and invest valuable time in log-in processes or uploading and downloading files. Moving media content from one system to another is as easy as adding a song to a playlist.

DAM Workflows

mediasuite & MS-Office

mediasuite provides you with a plug-in for your MS Office applications. Your employees can quickly add the appropriate media content from the DAM to a PowerPoint presentation or a Word document. mediasuite also allows you to insert complete images into work documents or images with automatically cropped backgrounds, so that you can design your documents in a targeted manner and forward them directly, which in turn has a positive effect on everyday collaboration processes and workflows.

mediasuite & Adobe Creative Cloud

mediasuite also provides you with a plug-in for Adobe Creative Cloud. With mediasuite, communication managers, content creators, graphic designers or marketers, can access assets in the DAM directly via Adobe InDesign, Photoshop or Illustrator, edit and save them directly in the DAM. The valuable assets are created with keywords in the DAM so they can be easily retrieved and monetized repeatedly. Companies using mediasuite benefit by eliminating bottlenecks in the creative process and scaling marketing efforts.

Database publishing with mediacockpit

Creative processes alone do not create added value. The product content has to be targeted and precisely distributed to a wide variety of marketing and sales channels – and even though digitization continues to advance and attention is increasingly shifting to the internet, the relevance and reach of print media shouldn’t be underestimated. Companies are facing the challenge of making their publishing processes as efficient and diverse as possible. mediacockpit therefore provides publishing integrations in addition to a sophisticated channel management system, so that you can automate all your publishing processes and get marketing and sales materials ready for print in the shortest possible time:

With a plug-in for Codeware, EasyCatalog, InBetween, priint:comet or even One2Edit, individual pieces of information and images no longer need to be manually placed in the print templates in InDesign. The templates are linked to the products and content from mediacockpit and merged into a document via automated processes. This database-supported procedure not only saves valuable time when creating brochures, catalogs and flyers, but also has a positive effect on the quality and consistency of your print communication.

Browse our marketplace of integrations here or sign up for a free demo today if you are interested in seeing particular integrations in action.

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