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The amount of data is growing exponentially. According to an IDC forecast, it will grow to 143 zettabytes worldwide by 2024, or 143 with 21 zeros. This means that companies will have to deal with an immense volume of data, with an increasing number of data sources and data formats. Which on one hand creates the opportunity to use this data for the optimization of internal processes and the development of new business models, but on the other hand increases the complexity and makes new approaches to solutions necessary.

This scenario also applies to product data, where specialization, diversification and broader product ranges are causing this particular data volume to grow. 

In order to survive in the market and stay ahead in sales, service and support, new strategies for supplying the market with product content are required. Product data syndication is a decisive competitive factor and a top priority for companies in the manufacturing and trade industry in the coming years.   

Product data syndication describes the process of data consolidation, i.e. the output of optimally prepared product data from internal sources, ideally the PIM, to all desired target channels (stores, marketplaces, retail purchasing and customer platforms, etc.). It means flawless, seamless data synchronization with the full variety of output channels.  

The use of a PIM system in manufacturing and retail companies, as well as the automatic processes in the scope of data syndication, result in enormous time and cost savings.   

Both high quality and up-to-date data improve time-to-market, optimize the customer journey and create trust in the products sold. Well-established product data syndication is the path to a strong market position and steadily increasing sales.  

If you are looking to streamline your publication processes and want to know more about how mediacockpit can help you achieve better business results with product syndication, sign up for a free demo today!  

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