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Sustainable Furnishing

Use Case:

Multi-Channel Publishing with mediacockpit

FacilitylinQ is active as an interior designer for office and work spaces. Founded in 2003 and based in Amsterdam, the company stands for aesthetics, functionality and sustainability and convinces with comprehensive space concepts. 

Initial situation

The products that FacilitylinQ markets in the context of interior design are numerous and varied. For a long time, the publication of the individual products was done manually and exclusively via the company’s own online store. The desire for additional output channels and automated processes finally led to the cooperation with Bertsch Innovation – and thus to the use of the mediacockpit software. 

Multi-channel publications – with mediacockpit 

With mediacockpit, it was possible to provide a publication platform with PIM and DAM functions that enables multi-channel publications and also facilitates the preparation of product information and media. The data stored in mediacockpit is also synchronized with the online store, ensuring consistency across all channels served.

“With mediacockpit, we are able to integrate our product data into the IT infrastructure. The Magento plugin synchronizes the online store with mediacockpit, keeping it always up-to-date.” (Harm Bron, FacilitylinQ B.V.) 

Accomplish more together

We believe in the value of collaboration and exchange. This applies both to our customer projects, from which we generate many valuable insights for our product development, and to our growing partner network, with an extensive range of which we support our customers in their digitization.