mediacockpit for creative and digital marketing agencies

Do your clients ask you how to:

  • Easily access all their digital assets like ads, graphics and videos?

  • Access digital assets any where through any device?

  • Manage their brand in an effective way?

  • Sort and order assets?

  • Send assets to third parties to edit or approve?

  • Keep in control of all their campaigns?

  • Define workflows to engage all their employees?

If you answered yes to any of these questions or want to further establish your business network and relevant customer relationships in your target market, then we should talk.

We are offering mediacockpit to our partner network to help you better support your clients in a fun and productive way.

Are you interested in developing new revenue channels based on our software and expertise?

You and your clients will benefit from:



Web-based software for all (product) master data and digital asset processes



Modern software for product information maintenance and data quality



scalable system for managing media, brand assets and other digital media files



A powerful tool for content sharing, publishing and collaboration



Integrated support for data syndication and distribution (to shops, marketplaces, print/pdf, and more)



Incoming and outgoing interfaces (for apps, for onboarding, for system integration, etc.)



A single tool for your corporate digitalization strategy



Tested and certified technology for your safety measures

What do we offer?

image_mediacockpit Benefits

For you to get started, we will provide you with a comprehensive package to bootstrap your team in mediacockpit.

01 Our Software & Hosting

Easy to learn, web-based software operated on-premise or in the cloud.

02 Product Information Management / Digital Asset Management

Enterprise class product information and master data management module. Standard modules for digital asset management and brand management.

03 Training, Support, Enablement & Help with Integration & Customizing

Local training and enablement on mediacockpit as well as local presales / technical sales and support. Local and international support with system integration and customizing

04 E-Commerce connectors & Cloud Integrations

Connectors to standard software for e-commerce and electronic catalogs. Adobe Creative Cloud integration, Database publishing connectors for InDesign, etc

05 Professional Services & Documentation & Open Source

Attractive margins on software fees and professional services. Documented and tested interfaces for scripting, integration and customizing as well as an “internal open source” philosophy

Let’s talk business!

You will bring:

  • an established business network and relevant customer relationships in the Netherlands

  • a strong sales and key accounting team

  • deep industry knowledge in relevant markets like retail, manufacturing, fashion, etc.

  • team members experienced in customer success management / project management

We would love to get to know you and see the possibilities of a potential partnership. Get in touch with us!