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Use PIM & DAM  for your competitive advantage

Do you want to not only maintain your competitiveness, but also expand it? Then you always must be able to  

  • target groups to respond faster,in a more targeted & personalized way 
  • publish productcurrent and accuratenews & information in near real-time 
  • minimize errors and thereby reduce costs
  • openup new sales and communication channels with minimal effort
  • improve customerfocus and customer experience 
  • makeyourbrand’s presence consistent across all channels 

What do you need to do all of this? Technology platforms and software solutions for enterprise information management that optimally support your business processes and adapt flexibly to new market conditions and customer requirements. 

In short: smart product information by Bertsch Innovation! 

Digital Transformation

Simplifying complexity through know-how and experience

What does "digitisation" actually mean? Depending on the perspective, this question is answered differently. An intranet? Social media profiles on all known platforms? Customer management with CRM software? Marketing Automation? The transformation of previously analogue business processes into digital processes? Completely new digital business models? Networked production in the Internet of Things?

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Publishing and Marketing

Communicate more efficiently throughout all your marketing channels

Integrated data management via mediacockpit for publish to print, web, social, mobile or cloud. This enables a seamless integration of all available data into your workflow, distribution and publication processes. Our integrated publishing framework enables maximum individualization and seamless integration into your existing system landscape. Find out more!

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mediacockpit as SaaS: Media & data on demand - completely secure

Your company's data and media should always be available to all users without interruption and with the shortest loading times - regardless of your own infrastructure and bandwidth. We make it possible - according to your needs.

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Knowledge On Demand

Digital Learning Academy

Simply provide valuable knowledge and relevant information digitally. The Digital Learning Academy based on a DAM system is your complete solution for holistic employee and customer training in industry - anytime and anywhere in the world.

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Electronic Catalogs

Joined data pool for suppliers, dealers and companies

The digital exchange of information forms the basis of almost all business processes from purchasing to production to sales. Here you can find out everything about BMEcat, electronic catalogs and how to make your e-procurement even more efficient.

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Product Data Classification

Classify product data: from ETIM to ECLASS

Product data is the central building block in e-business. The precise classification of this data ensures that products can be classified in a uniform group structure. For example, to compare them with other products. In addition, product data classification can be used to uniquely describe a product by means of characteristics in order to enable a quick search via product characteristics. Learn here how you can structure and classify your own product data using our software solution.

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