PIM & DAM Software Solution for effective Product Content Management

mediacockpit is a cloud based PIM & DAM solution for marketers, creatives, product managers, and sales teams and simplifies how your teams create, manage, and publish product content so your customers stay engaged with your brand.

  • Control product information and media assets from a single source

  • Launch products to market faster and without inconsistencies
  • Drive sales with personalized customer experiences

PIM & DAM software solution for your entire
Product Content Lifecycle


Structure Product Content

No matter how complex your product structures are, how extensive your product ranges are, or what other data is essential for you: With mediacockpit, you can easily cover all scenarios and optimally structure your data and content.

Create meaningful Product Content

A uniform database with compact work processes – mediacockpit is your product content management system for optimal collaboration.

Manage Product Content

Only with its use does meticulously created product content unfold its true value. That is why mediacockpit enables easy access and constant availability of product content.


Classify Product Content

Depending on the industry, product data classifications are an important part of data structuring. mediacockpit supports many classifications in various industries.

Publish Product Content

In most industries, a fast time-to-market is crucial for success today. With mediacockpit, you communicate in real time – across all channels.

Optimize Product Content

The product content life cylcle doesn’t stop at publishing your product content: It is important to check and control if and how your product message is accepted and perceived by the target audience.

PIM & DAM Software Solution for your Industry

image_Automotive Aftermarket
image_Consumer Goods
image_Construction & Machinery

Automotive Aftermarket

AutomotivePIM ensures that all product content from manufacturers is delivered reliably and quality-assured to all data recipients, guaranteeing that the right parts are found, ordered and delivered for every vehicle.

Consumer Goods

Perfect product staging with an absolutely transparent supply chain – mediacockpit has everything you need for successful product communication.

Construction & Machinery

Manage complex product content simply and effectively: mediacockpit is the ideal technology platform for high data density.



With mediacockpit you provide all your data recipients with optimal product content.


With mediacockpit, you can make a lasting impact in digital commerce and secure your competitive lead through perfect communication!


Books are true treasures – treasures that are waiting to be found!

Accomplish more together

We believe in the value of collaboration and exchange. This applies both to our customer projects, from which we generate many valuable insights for our product development, and to our growing partner network, with an extensive range of which we support our customers in their digitization.