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Database Publishing with mediacockpit: Communicate more efficiently throughout all your marketing channels

Medium-sized companies and global corporations have different requirements for the storage, administration, maintenance and provisioning of media assets and product master data. But one thing connects all organizations: They have more and more diverse channels for brand and customer communication at their disposal. Press and marketing departments, corporate communications, external agencies and media service providers are working with more and more systems. 

The result: increasing complexity and rising costs. 

Unified data management with mediacockpit for interfaces to print, web, social, mobile or cloud provides the solution. Our interfaces and channel support enable the seamless integration of all available data into your workflow, distribution and publication processes. Our integrated publishing framework enables maximum individualization and seamless integration into your existing system landscape. 


mediacockpit: The Basis for Print2Web and Web2Print Portals 

Fully integrated Print2Web and Web2Print portals simplify and accelerate processes considerably and take your corporate and product communication to a new level. For example, you can supply your dealers, suppliers and customers with valuable information about new products and thus shorten time-to-market. Realize sales and marketing campaigns at short notice and boost your sales. 

Benefit from a variety of interfaces to publication engines and Web2Print systems: 

  • InBetween (server-based generation of publications, InBetween GmbH), 
  • One2Edit (finishing, translation and personalization of InDesign; 1io GmbH), 
  • Integration of common XML-processing Publication Engines: XSL-FO, Latex etc. 

In addition to the output systems in the print sector (catalogues, brochures, flyers, trade fair graphics, etc.), we output your media individually and in the right context in other output formats as well: 

  • Videos are held as DAM objects and can be converted into special output formats (renditions) for web, mobile, etc. using standard functions. 
  • Texts are stored as text modules or PIM objects and are available for publications of any kind. 

Automated translation process: Always speak the right language

As an international company, you need to provide dealers, suppliers and customers with product information and advertising in multiple languages. Nothing easier than that: use mediacockpit. Text content (media or product master data) marked as relevant for translation can be exported via mediacockpit’s translation interface at the push of a button and imported again after translation. 

For the production of advertising material, for example, our software components enable us to control and maintain your product data right through to the finished publication. Media and content are modeled and managed as content objects in mediacockpit.

Do you have any questions about mediacockpit? Or are you looking for a competent software partner for your integrated Database Publishing services? Our experts are happy to help!

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