Digital Asset Management

Benefits of DAM Software

What are the benefits of Digital Asset Management?

Thanks to central data storage, clearly defined processes and intelligent workflows, DAM solutions offer many advantages – and not just for international companies that own large quantities of creative content and have to cater to a large number of distribution channels.

  • DAM software saves time and money
    Without a central data repository, product and corporate images, documents and presentations have to be painstakingly sourced by hand – assuming that it is known where these assets are located within the company. Very often, such media is created once for a specific purpose, stored somewhere locally, and then forgotten about. With a DAM solution, all digital assets are made available centrally, enabling multi-use of image, video, audio, and graphic files. This can save a lot of time and internal effort, especially in international companies that use many different output channels such as websites, apps, marketplaces or social media. But costs can also be saved in the sourcing and creation of digital assets thanks to reusability, for example for multinational campaigns.
  • DAM prevents data chaos and dead ends
    Forgotten presentations, hidden graphics, or product images filed twice and three times: A central DAM makes all creative content in the company visible and easily accessible. This reduces the search for suitable image material, for example, to a few clicks, and the mess of different file versions and non-transparent changes are now history.
  • DAM solutions facilitate collaboration
    Clear management of user roles and rights not only enables clean cross-departmental collaboration within a company. It also makes collaboration with external parties such as agencies, photographers or freelancers much easier. In addition, rights management creates security and ensures compliance when dealing with sensitive digital assets.
  • Customer Experience Management: when DAM and PIM join forces
    While PIM systems provide all relevant channels with up-to-date and complete product information, DAM systems deliver the digital assets as complementary solutions. As an integrated marketing platform, mediacockpit therefore offers both a PIM and a DAM component. In this way, products can be presented in a multifaceted and comprehensive way on all user interfaces. While consumers can touch products in physical stores, examine them from all angles, and compare them optimally with each other, they rely on all this visual information online. The more of it is made available, the better users can experience the products – even digitally. Some fashion stores have recognized the importance of visual product presentation and, in addition to numerous photos, also publish small videos of their items that illustrate how the fabrics fall in motion.

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