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Introducing DAM Software in your organization

When does a DAM solution make sense for you?

DAM software makes sense when a company creates and holds a variety of media such as images, videos, audio files, presentations, graphics or PDFs and wants to manage them as efficiently as possible – especially considering cross-location collaboration, internationalization, and working with external parties such as agencies, the press, or photographers.

What are the technical requirements for a DAM implementation?

There are now various ways of introducing software into companies. Whether a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, a hybrid solution, or an on-premise installation is favored, depends on various factors. For example, the overall architecture with the surrounding systems plays a major role, but the company’s long-term strategy also influences the choice of the appropriate option. Therefore, mediacockpit offers the right model for every need.

However, most companies today turn to browser-based SaaS solutions, where complex maintenance work and updates are carried out by the provider and companies are very flexible in the use and utilization of the software. Since the framework conditions for data use can change very dynamically in the modern corporate world, the flexible use of a SaaS solution has become established. Nevertheless, there are companies that prefer to store their data on their own servers and databases, which is why these alternatives are often offered in parallel.

What other aspects play a role introducing a DAM software?

The technical requirements for a DAM implementation are hardly a headache anymore. It is more important for companies to consider exactly which digital assets they have or will have in the future, what the procurement and provision processes look like, and which users are involved in the digital value creation process. Only when this basic structure has been clearly outlined, a DAM implementation should be carried out without having to make major adjustments afterwards.

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