Digital Asset Management

Who profits from DAM?

Which users profit most from a DAM software?

Basically, everyone involved in the creation and usage of digital assets in the organization benefits from a digital asset management solution like mediacockpit. This includes in particular:

  • Product managers
    Product managers are responsible for ensuring that products are mapped according to the requirements of the output channels. This includes product information, which is managed in a PIM software, but also media data such as product images or data sheets. A DAM solution facilitates the management of creative content enormously.
  • Marketing, social media managers, webmasters
    Marketing managers need a wide variety of material for their communication activities. This includes product data but also creative content like images, videos, and PDFs. Requesting this material from different places and departments is no longer an option, especially in the digital world. Creative content must be immediately available with intelligent search and filter options – and suitable for every relevant interface.
  • Graphic design
    Since graphic design is directly involved in the creation of digital assets, this audience benefits from the excellent collaboration possibilities offered by a DAM software. Trackable changes, commenting features, and transparent versions help keep track of what’s happening at any given time and enable graphic design teams to effectively collaborate on logos and other creative content.
  • External
    Not only employees within the organization benefit from a DAM solution – third parties such as agencies, photographers, freelancers, or the press can also collaborate directly with employees with access to digital assets and the functions of the DAM software tailored to their role. This optimizes cross-company workflows and processes and increases the satisfaction of everyone involved.

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