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Knowldege exchange in industry 4.0:
Digital Learning Academy

The efficient application of complex, networked machines and processes in Smart Factory is usually associated with a high degree of experience and deep familiarity with machines and processes. Complex instructions and training materials are available for all components and processes. However, these are usually only searched in case of problems. 

Enter Digitalization: Provide valuable knowledge and relevant information where it’s needed, when its needed, on demand. The Digital Learning Academy, based on our enterprise DAM, mediasuite, is your complete solution for holistic employee and customer training in Industry 4.0 – anytime, anywhere in the world. 


DAM for knowledge management: Comprehensive know-how on demand 

With our solution, you can make your staff training for hardware and software vibrant and interactive. Detailed and easy-to-understand videos for the commissioning and operation of your machines promote employee knowledge aquisition, self-paced learning and process efficiency on the production line. Each employee has direct access to documents and media via smartphone or tablet and can access them immediately if you have any questions. In addition, it allows each employee to create their own content and expand the knowledge base for their colleagues (user-generated content). 

Collaboration by DAM: Deepen collaboration between manufacturers & users 

The cooperation between manufacturers and users can also be intensified via a Digital Learning Academy powered by mediacockpit. For example, through technical support via integrated video conferencing. Training documents in the form of PDFs, graphics and videos, centrally managed by the manufacturer, can be retrieved in digital form at any time and used for information or problem solving. Best practices and user experienceare documented and shared with the manufacturer’s/customer teams to optimize the machines and processes. 

Remote maintenance: Reduce costs, avoid production downfall 

Digital Learning Academy can do even more: A technician can be involved via a video-based hotline for remote maintenance and machine repairif required. He or she can offer specific instructions via smartphone or tablet on how to repair the machine and which components need to be replaced. Your maintenance engineers receive real-time solutions that help you avoid high maintenance costs and costly production outages. 

Do you have any questions about our digital learning academy? Or are you looking for a competent software partner for your company wide knowledge exchange? Our experts are happy to help!

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